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Integrate your Discord server with Roblox — account verification, role bindings, and more.

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8 Years

Established 2016

Why RoVer?

All of this is free.

Keep out bots or strangers

With Rover, you keep your server locked down to users who are actual people who have verified their Roblox account with our system.

You can even take it a step further, and only let in members of your group.

Unlimited role bindings

Bind a Discord role to anything on Roblox — like being in a group, owning a GamePass, or having played a game.

RoVer can also change Discord nicknames to Roblox usernames, so you can be confident someone is who they say they are.

Easy to use, and always up to date

RoVer will keep your members' roles and nickname up-to-date automatically over time, without your users needing to do anything special.

And Rover integrates with the Discord UI, so you can always update a user as-needed with a click of a button.

No advertisements

We will never display any ads to you, or to your members. Our revenue comes 100% from server owners who directly support us.

We care about your privacy, and will never track you or collect any unnecessary data.

Millions of verified users

Millions of people are already verified with RoVer, so many of your server members will likely already be verified.

Trusted by the biggest servers

Some of the biggest Roblox communities on Discord trust RoVer to keep their server safe and integrated. No matter how large your community is, RoVer can handle it.

Getting started is easy

Add RoVer to your server and then set everything up through our easy to use web dashboard.

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